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Honest and Passionate Service: AFS provides complete attention to each client, providing face-to-face, personalized service, as well as thoughtful and timely communication. Accessibility means you have a cell number, not an international call center with a frustrating, phone-menu jungle.

Expert Administration: With over two decades of trust, estate, and guardianship administration, Kate Borkowski, owner and president of AFS, has developed a deep level of expertise and created efficient and fair methods for obtaining results.

Objective Advice: Since we sell no products and charge an hourly rate, administration and advice are unbiased.

Family Harmony: Family members are busy with their own personal and professional lives. Naming them as fiduciaries creates additional burdens to already complicated lives and can cause conflict and displeasure among family members. AFS alleviates these burdens, frees up time, ensures intentions are honored, and helps to maintain family harmony.

Advisor Continuity: AFS works with your trusted investment advisors to determine the investment policy, asset allocation, portfolio structure, and ongoing monitoring and reviewing schedule.

Transparent Reporting: AFS provides monthly or quarterly receipt and disbursement information in an easy-to-read and understandable format.

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