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Catherine "Kate" Borkowski JD

President, Arrow Fiduciary Services


For decades, attorneys, CPAs and other financial professionals have
turned to Kate Borkowski when they needed fiduciary services. Now, you
can too.

With Arrow Fiduciary Services, you will soon understand why so many lawyers,
accountants, and families have put their trust in a true professional. Depending
on how, when, and by whom she is appointed, Arrow Fiduciary Services’ Kate Borkowski may serve in the role of trustee, successor trustee, directed trustee, executor, guardian, as well as an attorney-in-fact.

Why let a bank act on your behalf, delivering impersonal service? Now you have an independent choice, a third-party expert, who is working for you.  Kate Borkowski is a straight shooter who is on target to meet your goals and expectations.


To provide expert fiduciary services at a reasonable fee as an alternative to naming a family member or bank. Believing in long-term relationships, Arrow Fiduciary Services’ (AFS) primary goal is to earn your trust and understand your unique situation.

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